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Berson & Hanovia

Berson & Hanovia

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Hall 5 A-22


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    De Huufkes 23
    5674 TL Nuenen
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    Company Description

    Protecting the world’s water without using chemicals we supply UV Disinfection systems for Industrial and Municipal water treatment. As a manufacturer of both the UV lamps and the UV systems we can truly optimize the UV process. We offer our products according to the requirements existing in your industry and that is what makes us unique. The industries in our optimized programs are Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Pools & Leisure, Aquaculture (fish farming), Drinkwater, Wastewater & Reuse, and Marine. 

    Characterized by rapid growth, increasing stock densities and tighter environmental regulation, the need for a chemical free disinfection process to control fish diseases and manage environmental impact has never been higher.Our RASLine range of Fish Farming UV solutions does just that. Our UV water disinfection technology can be used in fish and shellfish farms, aquariums and zoos, hatcheries, and well boats. It protects your fish, your processes and the environment from harmful contamination without resorting to chemicals. Our RASLine UV systems can play a vital part in treating the inlet water as well as the reused water in the recirculating process. In both cases our UV systems inactivate bacteria, viruses, protozoans, cysts, spores, unwanted algae and other micro organisms in the water.

    Berson, Hanovia, and Aquionics have been established as independent companies working as members of the Halma Group for decades. In 2017 the businesses were combined to become a single global operator under one management team. Now with a team of 120 people, the UV Group operates within the Halma Environmental & Analysis sector. It retains its brand names and the legal entities but combines resources to serve customers in a regional organisation which brings teams closer to the customer.


    1 Ticket = 2 Fairs

    The fish international is complemented by the event for caterers. GASTRO IVENT in the hall 6 and 7 presents ideas and solutions for gastronomy and catering – from premium foods and exclusive beverages to equipment and accessories.

    Let’s have a coffee at the GASTRO Ivent