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Fish & Fish eel farm

Fish & Fish eel farm

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Hall 5 C-18


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    Kastonu str. 15
    33322 Moletai district
    +370 677 84705

    Company Description

    Fish&Fish eel farm

    Eels are a real delicacy and are considered a luxury fish, therefore the growth and living conditions we provide for our eels are also luxurious – optimal temperature and water parameters all year round, premium quality feed and stress-free environment.

    We always provide lots of attention for our eels and ensure traceability in our farm. Traceability allows us to manage our growing and selling techniques in a way that keeps our eel stock in the farm young, strong and healthy.

    Lots of attention and care, optimal growth conditions and premium quality feed allows us to provide the highest quality eels!


    Fish&Fish eel farm uses state-of-the-art recirculation aquaculture systems.

    • We use pure water from deep water wells (over 100m depth);
    • Water is re-circulated inside the system and cleaned using multi-stage filtration;
    • System allows to control water parameters and ensure optimal growth conditions;
    • Whole year water temperature is kept at 24-25 C (optimal for eels);
    • We use only highest quality specialized eel feed: all feed ingredients are safe and natural, without any harmful substances; Feed is GMO free; No antibiotic enhancers or growth promoters are used in the production.

    Our production

    We can supply European eels (Anguilla Anguilla) of various sizes for restocking and for consumption.

    Once our eels are ready for the market they always pass the “cleansing” procedure. In specifically designed separate system they rest for three days without feeding. This allows to clean their organism of any remaining feed and therefore our eels don’t have any undesired taste.

    Our products:

    • Live eels for restocking;
    • Live eels for consumption (sizes 120-220g; 220g – 600g; 600g-1000g; 1kg+)
    • Fresh eels (whole; gutted);
    • Frozen eels (whole; gutted);
    • Smoked eels – whole (size range 100g – 1 kg);
    • Smoked eel fillets (packages: 100g; 250g; 500g)

    1 Ticket = 2 Fairs

    The fish international is complemented by the event for caterers. GASTRO IVENT in the hall 6 and 7 presents ideas and solutions for gastronomy and catering – from premium foods and exclusive beverages to equipment and accessories.

    Let’s have a coffee at the GASTRO Ivent