Exhibitor List 2020

Zamek-Meinhardt Seafood-Service GmbH & Co. KG

Zamek-Meinhardt Seafood-Service GmbH & Co. KG

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Hall 5 H-39


    • Delicacies/Specialities
    • Caviar
    • Marinades
    • Matje herring products
    • Smoked fish
    • Crustaceans & Shellfish
    • Seafish
    • Freshwaterfish
    • Frozen foods
    • Molluscs
    • Convenienceprodukte
    • Feinkost und Delikatessen
    • Fisch und Seafood
    • Tiefkühlprodukte
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    Wittekindallee 16
    32423 Minden
    0571 974030
    0571 9740320

    Company Description

    Besides our prompt service, quality consciousness, flexibility and innovation strategies are the foundations for our projected growth. Advanced training reinforces the quality Consciousness of our suppliers and our office staff and secures our standards. We are working very flexible to fulfil all requirements.

    Our quality consciousness enables us to identify important market developments, to realize within the work process. Our quality corporate goals are always focused on environmental tasks. Our suppliers are accepting by submitted statements, the necessary protection of our environment and our natural fish recourses.

    Our motto “we are a strong team together” enables us to offer continuous service to our partners. As active members we support-Bundesverband der deutschen Fischindustrie und des Fischgroßhandels e.V.-and FIZ – Fisch-Informationszentrum e.V. We are MSC, ASC and BIO certificated.

    We are offering Seafood products, Freshwater Fish, Exotic Species of Seafood, Farmed Fish, Shellfish and Crustacean for all customary production methods.

    We are looking forward to new challenges, your specifications and visions. For Seafood and Service our quality is guaranteed.

    1 Ticket = 2 Fairs

    The fish international is complemented by the event for caterers. GASTRO IVENT in the hall 6 and 7 presents ideas and solutions for gastronomy and catering – from premium foods and exclusive beverages to equipment and accessories.

    Let’s have a coffee at the GASTRO Ivent