Germany's fish fair 25 - 27 February 2024

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The fish international is the only trade fair for fish and seafood in Germany - a platform for the trade and the gastronomy. In Bremen, the trade finds out about new products on the German market and gets an overview of innovations and developments. More than 320 exhibitors from 27 nations present their products. Experts from the fish industry, wholesale, retail and gastronomy visit the fish fair to find suppliers, to inform themselves and to exchange ideas.
In February 2024, fish international and GASTRO IVENT will be held together again. GASTRO IVENT in Halls 6 and 7 offers a wide range of food and beverages as well as suitable accessories for the catering industry.
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 "Our strength is our proximity to the customer".

"Our strength is our proximity to the customer".

AquaChile is the second largest salmon producer in the world. The southern Chilean company claims to produce responsibly and in an environmentally friendly way - a product that Judith Fiedler also likes to eat. The sales manager controls sales in Germany from Leipzig. So far, the Chileans, like other producers, have been particularly successful in neighbouring markets because of their geographical proximity. In AquaChile's case, these are the USA and Brazil. However, they are now increasingly looking for proximity to customers in Germany, says Judith Fiedler in an interview with fish international.

Salmon is already one of the most popular edible fish in Germany. What further development potential do you see for salmon in this market?
Judith Fiedler:
Salmon is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids and therefore very healthy. Producers are increasingly focusing on sustainability, which has a positive effect on the development of salmon. The origin of the fish is also an important step towards further development. The German consumer in this case has a greater choice. For example, the farmed coho salmon (from Chile) is a new alternative, with increasing demand. In Japan, this salmon is very popular and can thus also end up on the plates in Germany in the future, considering that the population worldwide is expected to grow to 50 billion in the next few decades.   It makes sense to be sustainable and diverse at the same time.

AquaChile is the second largest salmon producer in the world. Where are your most important markets and what significance does the German market have for the company? What are the strengths of Aquachile?
Judith Fiedler:
Looking at the geographical location, the largest markets are always in territorial proximity to the producers. For the Chilean salmon industry, these are the USA and Brazil.
The German market has always had a special significance for AquaChile and Agrosuper, if you look back in history. The German market is very diverse, but also demanding and price sensitive. With our diversity and certifications such as ASC, BAP and Global Gap, we can address different target groups without neglecting the quality, which is controlled very carefully.
With regard to the European or German market, our strengths lie in the proximity to the customer. With a team of 5 workers in Europe who speak 6 languages, we can respond promptly or be at the customer's site quickly and thus ensure very good customer service.

fish international is the most important meeting place for the fishing industry in German-speaking countries and neighbouring countries. Who does AquaChile want to address at the fair (not by name, but which target groups retailers, processors, etc.) and with what expectations do you come to Bremen?
Judith Fiedler:
Our focus is to meet all our partners in person again after long pandemic years and to learn how the German market has changed, what new trends there are, what expectations consumers have, etc. We are looking forward to an active exchange.
At the same time, we, AquaChile, would like to tell you about our news, e.g., by presenting our new products of very high quality. In addition to our own brand AQUA (portions), we want to introduce our ultra-premium brand VERLASSO, that is extremely successful in USA and recently landed in France.


fish international…

  • gives traders a platform where they can gain information on what's new in the German market and get a good overview of the fish industry.
  • offers a varied and individual assortment of fish to give traders ideas for achieving better market positioning.
  • presents a concentrated display of machines and technical aids and appliances for SMEs.
  • shows a broad spectrum of counter concepts for fishmongers and mobile fishmongers that is only to be found in Bremen.
  • gives you time to talk to other fish industry members so you can discuss ways to perfect your everyday work.

fish international – that is over 10,000 sqm of exhibition space for more than 320 exhibitors from 27 nations. Experts from the fish industry, wholesale, retail and gastronomy visit the fish fair to find suppliers, inform themselves and to exchange ideas.