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Product information:

Baader GmbH shows new machines

Presentation at fish international, Hall 5 Booth 5B21

Download PrintversionBAADER 75
New hand-held Pin Bone Remover

BAADERs new hand-held Pin Bone Remover is designed for very gentle pinbone removing.
The hand-held tool, as well as the corresponding control panel, are build under the latest hygienic standards. The hand-held Pin Bone Remover is very easy to dismantle for cleaning and maintenance.

BAADERs NEW Skinning Machine for Salmon is available as TWIN or SINGLE lane version.

The TWIN lanes are running individually with up to 50 fillets/min and are optimized for skinning fresh or smoked salmon with no remaining skin on the fish tail.
The skinning result is even and perfect due to self adjusting blade holders.
It is possible to perform deep skinning or shallow skinning and even a maximum shallow skinning. The change over between deep and shallow skinning can be done very easily by adjusting only one handle. BAADER 240 is very easy to adjust also during operation and to dismantle for cleaning without tools. A special designed transfer plate allows the fillets to pass through the machine without skinning, if required. No tools are necessary to install this plate.

Filleting Machine for fresh and defrosted Whitefish
Best performance also with soft fish
The BAADER 588 is the new Filleting Machine for small and medium size Whitefish (fresh or defrosted) with only circular knives for gentle processing.

High Throughput and High Speed
Stable run of the fish through the machine guarantees higher throughput. BAADER 588 is able to run up to 36 fish/min depending on the species. The speed is steplessly adjustable.

Best Fillet Quality
The surface is very smooth, no gaping or bloodspots occur. This is a result of very little stress on the fillet because no stickle and scraper knives are used and due to the rotating flank knives.

Best hygiene performance
The design of the machine is very open. All relevant parts can be opened or lifted for easy cleaning.

Easy operation
BAADER 588 is very easy to operate. This machine is cam controlled, no electronics, no pneumatics needed. A small touch panel is available for intuitive operation.

Relaunch of our very well known success story BAADER 135

The BAADER 136 is the next generation of Trout Deboning Machine

A trout which seems to be complete with head and tail, but it is indeed boneless.
You will get up to 50 times a minute a product of high quality.

Complete but indeed boneless
The BAADER 136 processes a boneless trout, connected at the back, with head and tail which can be used as fresh product, ready for preparation or frozen, for convenience food, for smoking etc.
The BAADER 136 can process gutted or ungutted trouts with a speed of up to 50 fish/min.

Main parts can be opened or lifted for easy cleaning.

Easy to maintain
Good accessibility due to e.g. pivoting motor covers etc. A quick tightening device for dismantling the transport belt ensures easier cleaning and maintenance.

Regina Dedow
Tel.: +49 451 53020

BAADER 588 Filleting Machine for fresh or defrosted Whitefish

Boneless Trout from BAADER 136

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