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Tuna filleting in the form of a Japanese Kaitai ceremony

A very special experience!
Tuna filleting in the form of a Japanese Kaitai ceremony

Tuna is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, minerals such as selenium and phosphorus and can be used in many ways in the kitchen. It is therefore becoming more and more popular. It is no wonder that kaitai, the ancient Japanese art of precisely cutting up large tuna, is also becoming more and more popular outside Japan. The technique, which is passed down from generation to generation, requires a precise study of fish anatomy - and of course a lot of practice.

At fish international we are very lucky to have a real kaitai master as our guest. He will cut up a huge bluefin tuna in front of our eyes and share his immense expertise with the interested audience.

By the way, the Spanish company Balfego, which makes this kaitai event possible, has created a system that tracks the entire path of the fish from the sea to the plate and thus makes it transparent for wholesalers and end consumers. This records every piece of tuna caught in accordance with sustainable fishing regulations.

Save the date: The filleting of a huge bluefin tuna in the traditional Japanese way is a spectacle that will leave anyone speechless and that you can experience as a visitor to fish international on Monday, 5 September at 1 pm in the Forum in Hall 5.

The show will be hosted by:

Nirvana Durá, Balfegó Group
Herr Ohgata-San, Zeelandia van Belzen e.K.
Christian van Belzen, Zeelandia van Belzen e.K.

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