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26. February, 11:0012:00

FRoSTA’s sustainability strategy

  • Felix Ahlers, Chairman of the Executive Board Frosta AG

Moderation: Alexander Wever, Founder and Owner, AWF Consulting 

Focus on sustainability: Felix Ahlers talks to presenter Alexander Wever about FRoSTA’s sustainability strategy, CO2-neutral production in Bremerhaven and the Climate Corporation Fischereihafen (CCF), which was founded in March 2023. FRoSTA’s wind turbine project will also be discussed: What is the current status and what challenges need to be overcome?


Felix Ahlers, Chairman of the Executive Board Frosta AG

Felix Ahlers completed his culinary training at Emile Tabourdiau’s 2-star Michelin restaurant in Paris and with Alberto Ciarla in Rome. He then studied economics in France. After working for pasta manufacturer Delverde and Sheraton, he joined FRoSTA in 1999. He has been Chairman of the Executive Board of FRoSTA since 2010. He was instrumental in the introduction of the FRoSTA Purity Law in 2003. Since then, FRoSTA has dispensed with all additives and reduced its product range by 50%.
“When I started at FRoSTA, there were more food chemists working there than chefs. Back then, the company’s own employees never had FRoSTA dishes for lunch,” says Felix Ahlers. “We were all convinced that it was possible to produce food on a large scale according to the rules of good cuisine. However, the implementation of the “Purity Law” was longer and more painful than we had imagined.” FRoSTA has been declaring the carbon footprint for all products and the countries of origin of all ingredients since 2009. FRoSTA is also working on converting its packaging to paper.



Alexander Wever, Founder and Owner, AWF Consulting 

The company founder and owner of AWF Consulting, Alexander Wever, has been working full-time in the fish/seafood sector for over 25 years, so that AWF Consulting has a wide-ranging, excellent professional network based on personal relationships. The exclusive specialization in the fish/seafood sector enables AWF to offer a breadth and depth of consulting services on this topic that is probably unique in the German-speaking world. This includes, in particular, the precise analysis of value chains and sales channels, the assessment of consumer preferences and complex calculation models for seafood. In addition to his consultancy work, Alexander Wever also represents national and international non-profit organizations in German-speaking countries such as the “Eel Initiative”, the “ESF Eel Stewardship Fund”, the “SEG Sustainable Eel Group” and the North American “Food Export USA Northeast”.


This event will be held in German.


26. February
11:00 – 12:00
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